New to animation? No worries! We can get you set up with the software and tech you need.

If you are a UNC student or affiliate, please set up an Adobe Creative Cloud account (free through the school license). The most important software we will be using are Adobe Animate and Adobe Photoshop. Other useful programs are Adobe After Affects, Adobe Premiere, and Adobe Illustrator.

A list of alternative programs can be found here.

Most people find it easiest to create digital art using a graphics tablet. Examples of graphics tablet manufacturers are Wacom, Huion, XP-PEN, and Artisul. We have several graphics tablet we can loan to members, but having your own can be more convenient. Touch-sensitive tablets such as iPad or Android tablets can also be used as tools.

Student Resources:
Resources available to UNC students and affiliates are, a online course library that includes tutorials on animation and software and the Design Lab at the Undergraduate Library. SkillfUL Workshops on Adobe Creative Suite (not necessarily for animation) are also available at the Undergraduate Library.

Opportunities outside UNC: 

Interested in getting hands-on experience in the industry? Consider applying for an internship over the summer! You can check out sites such as Indeed or UNC’s Handshake for opportunities. Local animation companies offering internships are listed below.

Alternatively, classes to broaden your animation skills are also offered at many schools.


Summaries of past tutorials will be uploaded here once completed.